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Flashback Sound

for Hatsune Miku

original lyrics in kanji can be found here.

I tried tracing with an emotionless voice,
connecting dots to dots that are separated, a transient and distorted shape
in front of a garbage mountain that unwittingly grew enormous
the sky that I looked up to is dyed gray

even the warmth from our touch
will be gone in the 3 seconds that I closed my eyes
I don't have anything important to me
I'll start to feel like that

as if to ascertain, I keep on stringing words
even now, in my sadness, I keep on voicing pessimistic sounds to you
whenever you feel lonely, like a fool
I will be here singing, always so please tell me, the reason you're crying

as if to untie this tangled thread, I looked into this smoldered heart
what tumbled out is greed that is growing dull

as if to not lose the heat
that was left from entwined fingers
the landscape that I kept on imagining
is one that is overlooking the world

the more I stacked the passing lies that was told today
the scenery that I photographed grows hazy
even if the song I sang by whittling my heart away and
the smiling face that was blurred by the street lamp will someday all disappear

as if to ascertain, I keep on stringing words
for now, it's okay that in my sadness, I still voice out pessimistic sounds

even if the blowing wind, as if to forget, erases the footsteps
whenever I strain my ears, it's your note that I'll hear
even when the rain wouldn't stop and you're tired out and feel like crying
definitely, you will be able to shake free from the twining depression and walk again

you will be able to advance forward

Notes: This is for a friend. :) It's very belated, but Happy Birthday Len! And thanks to you, I love this song now. ^_^ Even if it's not easy to translate and even now I still feel like some places still need some adjustments and erm no really I still love this song k. :D /shot
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