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doriko (kiritanP)
for Hatsune Miku

original lyrics in kanji can be found here.

the places that I've walked with my beloved
the scenery that I saw at those moments
without turning back, running through the present time
what will I come across

the more I halted
the more I questioned the meaning
it must be because I'm not yet an adult
the things I'm seeing now
the people I encounter now
from these thing, I'm just looking towards the future.

to my ten years later self
are you happy now?
or are you feeling sad
and crying because of it?

but there are things
by your side that never change
are you not protecting those things
by not noticing them?

entrusting memories, within the passing days
only chasing after Time
nestled up on my back, someone's dreams
will I one day be able to turn back and face them

to my ten years later self
who do you like now?
or was there no changes
still liking that person?

but in time
before you fall in love with someone else
have you learned to say
that you love yourself?

the people that are important to you
are they still the same?
or are they far and away
walking a separate path each?

but by repeating these meetings
and good byes
have you become a better person
than "I am now"?

to my ten years later self
if you are happy now
would you please recall
me from that day

even though in there
I'm crying from something painful
please softly change those tears
into a memory

Notes: I wanted it to have a poem feeling to it, but I don't think I'm doing a good job at that. Kinda changed the sentences a bit to fit what I think doriko-sama is trying to convey... I... might still change some of the wordings later... /starts hiding

It's a beautiful song.
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