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This was supposed to be a simple summary for Nem's Ayatsuri Pierrot no Monogatari drama CD. But it somehow got out of hand when I decided to try to write it like a children storybook as much as I can. orz

For those who didn't know, this drama CD is based on the 3 songs Nem wrote that Asamack sang. Listing it chronically, it would be:

1) Aryosha ~Ayatsuri Pierrot no Hajimari no Uta~
2) Ayatsuri Pierrot no Koi no Uta
3) Ayatsuri Pierrot to Kimi no Uta

Also, please keep in mind I wrote this based on the lyrics, with extra information from the drama CD site. And, so that the story would flow, I added some (not a lot, but still) details in myself. If you think it would spoil your fun in listening to the original when it comes out, please don't read okay. Not to mention I have no confidence in my writing skills

The Story of the Puppet Pierrot

Once upon a time, in a small doll shop at a small town, there was a little girl named Arisa, and she was always lonely. One day, her gentle grandfather Iwan who was a skilled puppet craftsman gave her a present. It was something he made for her to play together with. And the present was a puppet pierrot. The puppet pierrot's body were made of clay, and its eyes of beads.

Arisa was trilled to have the puppet pierrot. She hugged it tightly and told the puppet pierrot: "From today onwards, we're friends!" and smiled brightly. Arisa then asked her grandfather:

"Grandpa grandpa, what will his name be?"
"Let's see... How about you give him a name. A name by Arisa would be nice."
"Then his name will be Aryosha!".

And so, the puppet pierrot was named Aryosha. But unbeknowest to Arisa, from Arisa's love for it, the puppet pierrot grows a heart. A heart that felt warm when Arisa hugged him, a heart that felt happiness to the point of wanting to dance and the puppet pierrot wondered and hoped, if Arisa felt the same as him.

As time goes by, the doll shop became more and more quiet... and it was finally decided that the puppet pierrot would be sold off. On that day, Arisa clung onto the puppet pierrot and cried. "I'm sorry Aryosha, I'm so sorry." Arisa cried. The puppet pierrot felt his chest hurts, and it was suffocating. So there wasn't just happiness in this world, there are sadness and suffering too. But the puppet pierrot thought:

"No matter what kind of world is out there, no matter what kind of meetings are waiting for me, I'll never forget. That I'm Aryosha. That I'm Arisa's friend. For I have received the best present from your love... and that is a heart."


And so, the puppet pierrot went away, with his new master Miron, who uses the puppet pierrot to earn money. A puppet pierrot with a body made of clay, and it's eyes of beads. But nobody notices the puppet pierrot's blooming heart, a heart that sings a song without a voice. One day, the puppet pierrot saw a beautiful girl. From the moment he set his sight on her, a new feeling emerged in his heart. The puppet pierrot doesn't know the girl's name, but he knows that he loves her. From that day onwards, for a year, the puppet pierrot anxiously kept a lookout for her.

"If we can meet again, I wish to just tell you this one thing. Even if I do not know your name, I love you."

Then one morning, as sudden as it can be, the day came when the puppet pierrot saw the beautiful girl again. With the same hair piece as that day a year ago. The girl smiled softly. It was then that the puppet pierrot saw, that beside her there was a gentleman. The gentleman took up her hand and kissed it.

"Sorry to have kept you waitng."
"It's alright, let's go before the opening act starts!"

The puppet pierrot gazed at the loving couple as they disappeared into the crowd. The puppet pierrot knew then, that his feelings would never be reached. Nobody notices the puppet pierrot's blooming heart, a heart that continues to sing a song without a voice. And somewhere, the puppet pierrot continued to dance, for his master Miron.


Since then, many many years passed. And in between those long years, there was a war. A war that destroyed cities and scorched the earth. The puppet pierrot too, with a body made of clay, and it's eyes of beads, has turned old and ragged. Quietly being decorated in a toy shop at a small town, the puppet pierrot can no longer move his arms and legs and has long forgotten how to dance. Everything has changed, but just one thing never changed for him.

"You know, even now, to me, your warm smile still blooms and fills my heart. No matter how ugly the world that I've seen with these eyes of mine is, I still like people. And it's all because I met you that day."

Then during one lovely afternoon, an old lady came into the shop that usually doesn't have a lot customers. The old lady smiled and said:

"I'm looking for a present for my cute grandchild."

The old lady's face was full of wrinkles, and her voice was rough but the puppet pierrot noticed immediately... The old lady too, was surprised when she saw the puppet pierrot.

"Oh dear, life sure is full of wonders. I know of you. You are the pierrot who used to dance at that town on that street. You know, since then, during the war, everything was burned away. It must be some kind of fate, that you survived through all that."

And then the old lady put a hair piece in the puppet pierrot's hands. The same hair piece that she used to wear on that day. And on that hair piece, carved with flower petals was...

"Ahh, this is your name. Elena.
Elena, even now, in my heart, your warm smile still brilliantly blooms, and that brightness leads me towards tomorrow. And no matter how ugly the world that I've seen with these eyes of mine is, I still like people. And it's all because I met you that day, Elena."


"Thank you, I love you."

- The End.

...don't kill me pls? *runs and hides somewhere* And yes that last words were added by me. Or I can't end the story well k. >.<;;


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