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for Megurine Luka
link @ nico nico douga

original lyrics in kanji can be found here. (nico nico pedia)

"One's life is irreplaceable
the popular songs says but
even if I was replaced by someone
no one would have felt troubled by it

in the unchanging days
we who borrows are searching for a chair
I stayed the same, not becoming anything
my heart stops

the wounds that became scab
were dragged out and again scratched
words for the second time came seeping in
I want to listen to sad songs

what is your favorite music?
what is your favorite food?
who is the person that you like?
it's fine either way     that that person is not me

nobody understands me
I closed my ears and screamed that
but actually, even if it's just an outward appearance
I wanted to be loved

if I'm not becoming anything
even if it's just a form, I'll patched it up
pretending that I'm accomplishing something
I always smile

what is it that I am missing
if there is nothing I guess this is fine
the melancholic 7 o'clock in the morning
aah let me sleep a bit more

what is your favorite movie?
what is your favorite phrase?
do you have someone that you want to meet now?
I'm sure though      that that someone is not me

none none      there is no future
I won't I won't     I won't expect anything
no one no one     there is no one
beside me      already

smile smile     I want to smile together with someone
acknowledge     I just want to
this that      I gave them up
the other side of the scenery becomes blur

what is your favorite music?
what is your favorite food?
who is the person that you like?
I'm sure that that person is not me."

selfishly giving up like that
I'm complacently hurting myself
I grew older and finally noticed
hey      still
am I still in time?

Notes: Feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes in the translation.

Dasoku-san's version of this song is so much love plus the fact that some of the phrases in the lyrics strikes a cord in the current me that I had to translate the lyrics as soon as I could.


Date: 2011-11-08 09:57 am (UTC)
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THANK YOU SO MUCH, OMG~! /snuggles you supertightly ♥♥♥


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