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From Asamack's 1st single "Stray Sheep".

lyrics: Jack
composer: Hidenori
for Asamaru

I uttered, everything that is here now
I'm afraid to lose them
and you uttered, even if "now" changed
our place will stay the same
though the paths we used to walked on, are separated and doesn't resemble at all
but this path we advanced on since our meeting, the same scenery is widen

on days when I was bitter and down, you gave me a smile through your songs
just that is enough, the clouded sky will clear away
if ever in the future, you feel that you're losing your way
I will be your guiding map, beside you, always

there are times when we would avert our downward looking eyes
and couldn't look forward properly
these warm hands, that cannot be seen
don't forget that they are always there
instead of worrying endlessly, instead of days that were only looked back on
instead of finding reasons to happiness, even if it's a clumsy one, keep a smiling face

on days when your sky is clouded by tears, I too will be crying by your side
and from our tears, maybe a rainbow will be bridged
instead of a grim face, forgetting dreams, and just waiting for miracles
let's smile together, and embrace happiness in our arms, let's go

blending into the mundane everyday, losing sight of those important words
don't brush them away, those fragment of your heart

on days when your sky is clouded by tears, I too will be crying by your side
and from our tears, maybe a rainbow will be bridged
the sound of that matching laughter now, erases my anxiety
I say it honestly, from my heart "thank you", to you...


1) tsubuyaku = mutter, murmur. (also, this word is used for "tweeting" and other IMs)
2) As I'm still learning Japanese, and as most lyrics go, I might have misinterpreted some of the lines. Please feel free to correct my mistakes.
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